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Welcome to Cactus Tactical's Shotgun Accessories

Welcome to one stop shopping for shotgun accessories for competition, self defense and hunting. We carry items from Invictus Practical, Taccom, Magpul, GG&G, Tac Star and Nordic Components. Products range from items that will extend magazine capacity, items such as followers and charging handles that will improve the fit and function of factory provided parts to tactical style parts that will allow the use of a sling or bipod.

We currently offer the Nordic line of products at both a retail and whoelsale level. Cactus Tactical is a Nordic Components distributor for the western United States. There is no minimum retail purchase necessary. Contact us for dealer pricing, there is a low $500 initial purchase with no minimum purchase requirements on follow up purchases.


Cactus Tactical's Shotgun Accessories

Cactus Tactical is the Nordic Components distributor for Arizona

Large Tek Lok Mount
$12.99 $10.99
Save: $2.00 (15.40%)
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